Tulane Business Plan Competition

On behalf of the Tulane Entrepreneurs Association and the Levy-Rosenblum Institute for Entrepreneurship, after two rounds of judging, we are proud to announce the teams that have advanced to the Final Round of the 2011 Tulane Business Plan Competition and the Domain Companies New Orleans Entrepreneur Challenge.

We sincerely thank all the teams that participated in the 2011 Tulane Business Plan Competition.  As our competition  continues to gain momentum, the number of innovative business plans increases, and thus the level of competition also increases.  After two rounds of judging, we would like to congratulate the following three teams for progressing to the final rounds of competition:


Tulane Business Plan Competition Finalists:

 Drop the Chalk, LLC (Tulane University)

OsComp Systems (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Pathostat, LLC (University of Arizona)


Domain Companies New Orleans Entrepreneur Challenge Finalists:

Drop the Chalk, LLC (Tulane University)

Rebirth Financial, Inc. (Tulane University)

Surround Sound Accompaniment (Tulane University)


Summaries of the five final round plans can be found below.

The final rounds of competition will take place Friday, April 8,2011 in Goldring-Woldenberg Hall II (GWII) at the Freeman School of Business.  Presentations will take place between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.  Lunch will be served in the Executive Dining Room of GWII from 12:00 – 1:00 pm.  Immediately following lunch, the Tulane Entrepreneurs Association will host a panel discussion on entrepreneurship from 1:00 – 2:00 pm.  The panel of speakers will consist of our final round judges.  The event is open to the public.

Again, we thank everyone who has been a part of this year’s competition and congratulations to our finalists!


Drop the Chalk, LLC (Tulane University): Drop the Chalk creates web-based software that enables teachers to use data to improve student performance. Drop the Chalk’s intuitive interface gives teachers and administrators the ability to collect and analyze academic and behavioral performance efficiently and in real time so that they can make appropriate and timely interventions.

OsComp Systems (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Compression costs affect the entire natural gas supply chain. From wellheads all the way until the end user, compression plays an integral role in the costs of natural gas. In the US, natural gas compressors consume a net >$50 billion in fuel and generate >120 million tons of CO2 each year. Natural gas compressors are a $7.2 billion/yr market. In addition, natural gas use and compression is expected to experience continued strong growth in the future. OsComp Systems’ team of engineers from MIT has invented a breakthrough, patent-pending compression technology that reduces operating and capital costs of compression by over 30%.

Pathostat, LLC (University of Arizona):Pathostat, LLC has developed a novel, patent-pending medical device technology for use during cancer surgery which enables the surgical oncology team to precisely excise and assess cancerous tissue.

Rebirth Financial, Inc. (Tulane University):  It’s microfinance for suits.  For the first time ever, entrepreneurs seeking capital can skip bankers and make a pitch directly to individual lenders to lend to their companies.  New Orleans-based Rebirth Financial Inc. debuted America’s first person-to-business lending platform and marketplace with RebirthFinancial.com in January 2011.  The company hosts an online platform and marketplace facilitating financial growth and development in Louisiana, with anticipated scalability to all 50 states.  Rebirth Financial is structured like an Ebay for loans, connecting individual and institutional investors directly with the businesses that need their loans the most to finance growth in the small business sector—a process that we call peer-to-business (P2B) lending.

Surround Sound Accompaniment (Tulane University): Surround Sound Accompaniment offers the solo musician, the instant option to surround him/herself with the orchestra, just as if they were playing with Philharmonic.

We invite you join us for the final live round and experience the entrepreneurial spirit of Tulane and New Orleans! 

"It was very much an honor to be part of the 2010 Tulane competition.   It's one of only a handful of business school business plan competitions that focuses on creative capitalism.  The students who run the competition really get and appreciate what social enterprises like Nuru Energy are trying to do."

-Sameer Hajee, Nuru Energy, 2010 Winner, UC Berkeley